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Celebration of His Presence

Christmas is the season of rejoicing and celebration. Many of us reflect on memorable occasions when we enjoyed the presence of family members and dear ones, when we felt loved, and were able to express our love to them. We also hope to experience similar moments once again. For the same reason, for some, Christmas is a time when they miss those moments and their loved ones and therefore find no reason to celebrate.

We must remember and remind each other that Christmas is the celebration of God’s love, and of His presence amongst us. We celebrate a unique moment and event in the history of humanity: God’s Son entering our history by taking on human form and dwelling amongst us. He came to reveal God to us, to set for us the example of the perfect human being, to set humanity free from the bondage of sin and its consequences, to reconcile us to the Father and to each other and to create new humanity and new community.

Christmas is the celebration of the coming of grace and truth through our Lord Jesus Christ, as John says. Christmas is the celebration of His presence with us and in us, which is not limited to this season and just a few days of the year.

As we rejoice and celebrate His coming and its benefits, may our celebration of Christmas be a reflection of God’s love and grace in our community. May this time be an opportunity for more people to know and experience God’s presence, grace and mercy, and enjoy His loving, forgiving, and renewing presence in their encounters with us. Let us go and share the message of Christmas, let us go and live the message of Christmas. Let us also urgently remember, pray for, and find ways to support our brothers and sisters in the Middle East and Armenia and especially those in Artsakh who are in a very critical situation.

As we conclude another year, we recognize and thank God for all those who served in different capacities in AEUNA churches and at the office: staff and volunteers, church members and friends. We thank you for your ministry, prayers and support during the last year and thank you for sharing the message of God’s love and salvation. We thank you for reflecting God’s presence through your life and ministry. May the presence of our Lord empower you and guide you to continue serving Him and our people through your ministry and life testimony.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,

- Rev. Hendrik Shanazarian

Minister to the Union

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