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Ironman Games Photo Gallery and Report

Greetings in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Ironman Games 2023, a highly anticipated sports weekend event, took place in Fresno, CA on September 15-17, organized by the Armenian Evangelical Youth Fellowship West Executive Committee. It proved to be a resounding success, drawing more than 250 athletes, enthusiasts, and spectators from both the West and East Coasts.

The Ironman Games 2023 was a thrilling sports weekend, featuring a diverse array of athletic competitions and activities. The event included Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer, and our newly introduced sport Ping Pong. Athletes of all skill levels, from beginners to seasoned professionals, were welcomed to participate, fostering a sense of inclusivity and sportsmanship.

The Ironman Games 2023 did not just cater to athletes and sports enthusiasts. It actively engaged with the local community, promoting a sense of unity and fellowship among the youth and adults of the AEUNA churches.

The speaker for Saturday night was Rev. Kevin Kasper, who was both inspiring and motivational. His insights and encouragement played a vital role in motivating our athletes and attendees alike.

We are grateful for both First Armenian Presbyterian Church and Pilgrim Armenian Congregational Church for hosting the event and for their hospitality and willingness to open their facilities. This made a significant difference in the success of the Ironman Games, as the setting created a welcoming and enjoyable atmosphere for all involved.

We were encouraged by the attendance of the Minister to the Union Rev. Hendrik Shanazarian at this event. We appreciate his constant support for the youth ministry.

- AEYF West Executive Committee

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