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All-AEYF Leadership Conference, November 11-13, 2022 in Salt Lake City

On behalf of the AEYF West Executive Committee, we write to report that we were blessed by the hospitality of the Ararat Evangelical Church which is located in Salt Lake City, Utah, and is led by Pastor Gevork Paronyan, who supported us during our leadership conference.

We were thankful to have 40 leaders and mentors joining us at our leadership conference. Our mission was to invite a group of leaders from our AEUNA churches to participate in an intensive three-day leadership training seminar. As we gathered in fellowship, our goal was to use this time together to equip each other with leadership tools and a vision-driven mindset, and to further encourage one another in our commitment of service to our personal churches.

Thank you to the host committee at the Ararat Evangelical Church of Utah!

Our guest speaker was Rev. Mgo Mekredijian, who spoke about who we can become as Jesus-centered leaders, and how we need to understand who we are in Jesus first and foremost. Rev. Mgo emphasized that as leaders, first we must be led by Jesus, then live and lead like Jesus, and eventually lead to Jesus. All the participants were excited for this leadership conference, and we had a great time engaging with the speaker, getting to know one another, the congregation members of the host church and the beautiful sceneries of Salt Lake City and Park City.

We look forward to planning similar events which will support and guide our leaders to better serve in their churches and various ministries to build His Kingdom. Once again, we are extremely grateful for AEUNA’s continuous support and guidance throughout this event. May God bless you and keep you joyful in His glory.

- AEYF West Executive Committee

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