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An Active 2022 Winter Season for APC

Armenian Presbyterian Church, Paramus, NJ, had a wonderful season of ministry in this winter-holiday season here at church. We have been praying that more people would get involved, and God has answered our prayers through the success of our ministries, gathering young and old for His Name and for the growth of the church, both spiritually and in number.

On 11/19/2022, our Young Professionals ministry held their first Friendsgiving Potluck at church. All were blessed and delighted to see so many of our future leaders enjoying fellowship, worship and fun together.

Our Thanksgiving dinner the following day was also well attended, and we were blessed to see so many of our families beginning to come more regularly. Our deacons showed their leadership by gift-wrapping for our shut-ins on December 4th.

We enjoyed food, worship and a Christmas movie on December 9th as the church came together to spend time, to eat, sing and pray. We were immensely blessed by our guest worship leader, and pray that more such events will be possible.

Our Youth Group has been doing very well this year, with a new core leadership and newfound zeal to serve. They had Christmas Caroling on the 16th, an Armenian Christmas Luncheon on the 8th of January, and group ice skating on 1/15.

We always remain in joyful expectation that God will continue to draw more people to Himself through these ministries. We praise God for using the Christmas season to refocus us on the Reason for the Season, the Savior and Lover of mankind Jesus Christ. We pray that all this activity serves as a reason to glorify God and bring many struggling and even lukewarm souls into the warm embrace and joy of the Savior. May the Lord continue to grow His church both with us and with every church among our AEUNA.

- Rev. Joseph Garabedian, Pastor

Armenian Presbyterian Church

Paramus, NJ

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