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Armenian Martyrs' Congregational Church, Havertown, PA hosts Inter-Communal October cultural program

Updated: Oct 31, 2019

On October 6, 2019, Armenian Martyrs' Congregational Church of Havertown, PA hosted the Inter- Communal Committee's October cultural program. This year, the Committee invited cellist David Bakamjian and actor Nora Armani to present Evocations of Armenia, a program co-created by Nora and David for the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC in 2008.

During the hour-long performance, voice and cello, in turn and together, captivated the nearly one hundred people in the audience with various examples of Armenian musical and literary heritage. Ancient chants and secular songs were interspersed with the music of Gomidas (in recognition of the 150th anniversary of his birth) and 20th-century composer Alan Hovhaness, whose works challenge the virtuosity of any musician. David Bakamjian performed these with sensitivity and skill, giving rich context and beauty to the stories and poetry that Nora Armani shared throughout the program.

Philadelphia area Inter-Communal Committee at Armenian Martyrs' Congregational Church, Havertown

David Bakamjian is a performer and dedicated teacher based in New York. He has recorded on classical and baroque cello, has performed as soloist and principal for various orchestras and offers chamber music workshops for adult amateurs.

Nora Armani is a published poet, playwright and filmmaker. She divides her time between NYC and Paris/London, performing in those regions as well as in Yerevan.

Much of the literature that Ms. Armani presented in English was translated by Paris-based Gerald Papazian, a published author and translator, also an actor and director.

There was a time to socialize afterward over vegetables, fruits, and sweets, provided by the church. The Inter-Communal Committee thanked Mary Loiselle, AMCC's Music Director, for suggesting this program.

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