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Armenian Presbyterian Church, Paramus, NJ Fall Activities

Armenian Presbyterian Church in Paramus, NJ, has been very busy doing the Lord’s work through both outreach and our own in house ministries.

Our Missions committee has been very active in our local community, helping the food-insecure through the Father’s Cupboard ministry. We watched a missions themed movie entitled “Robber of The Cruel Streets,” a documentary about George Muller and the orphanages he built in England. We collected items to donate to our local Center for Hope and Safety for women who were victims of domestic violence, and we hosted a vendor’s table in our local county park and passed out Gospel tracts and Bibles.

In the beginning of October we hosted an evening at a local restaurant with speakers Drs. Paul and Virginia Friesen, entitled “Walking together with Christ,” speaking about marriage and related topics.

Our youth participated in the Fall Conference in Toronto, Canada, and we had wonderful reports from those that attended, both leaders and youth group members. Two of our leaders, Mark Hagopian and Sona Borekjian also participated in the AEYF-WR leadership conference in Utah on the second weekend of November. We are so grateful to invest in our young leaders for their growth and the blessing that affects the church through their time there. We also enjoyed bowling together, and the fellowship opportunities are already causing wonderful bonds to form among our young people.

In Sunday School, our first graders each received a children’s “Adventure Bible” in November. They sat in on a children’s sermon during worship, and the teachers, students and parents participated in the “Operation Christmas Child” ministry run by Samaritan’s Purse Ministries.

As a church, we had the honor of hosting both the AEUNA Board of Directors meetings as well as the AMAA Annual Meetings from October 18-23. The church was full and much fellowship, ministry, and encouragement took place as we rejoiced in the work of the Lord in both the AEUNA and the AMAA. We pray that the Lord will continue to pour out His grace upon all of us, on all the ministers present, as well as on the great and expansive missionary work that is being carried out to our Armenian Evangelical communities worldwide.

We pray that God will continue to give us hearts to serve here at APC and we thank all of our ministry heads and church leadership for their dedication to the work of the Lord.

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