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Camp AREV's Historic Summer - Sold Out Camp Weeks, Dedication of New Facilities

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

We praise God for another successful, Christ-centered summer program at Camp AREV. We truly felt the Spirit of God moving in a mighty way. Our theme was Explore: The Adventure Begins, based on John 14:6. Our speakers emphasized the person of Christ and how we can have a personal, tangible relationship with him. They spoke about the reality of Jesus being the only truth, the only way and the only life giving source.

Even with some challenges, including rescheduling an entire week of camp, we had a record breaking year of over 360 campers. Both Junior High and High School weeks were completely sold out and more 3rd-5th graders than ever before attended Juniors week. God was honored, the gospel was preached, and many lives were transformed.

We held a full program of virtual and in person staff training ahead of camp for our volunteers and seasonal camp coordinators. Thank you to our guest speakers, main speakers, worship band leaders, arts & crafts leaders, medical staff, counselors and volunteers:

Junior High Camp

Main Speaker: John Sagherian

Seminar Speakers/Armenian Heritage: Camp Coordinators

Special Guest Speaker: Gary Chivichyan of the Los Angeles Clippers

Guest Arts & Crafts: Gary Tilkian

Worship Band: Timothy Ketenjian and band

Medical Staff: Mari Abdulian-Olsen PA-C

High School Camp

Main Speaker: Rev. Aren Bahadourian

Seminar speakers/Armenian Heritage: Camp Coordinators

Worship Band: Rev. Harut Khachatryan & Band

Medical Staff: Dr. Hagop Afarian & Mari Abdulian-Olsen PA-C

Juniors Camp

Main Speaker: Searan Kiledjian

Armenian Heritage: Camp Coordinators

Morning Bible tract: Alaythia Der Vartanian

Morning Arts & Crafts track: Kareena Tashjian

Worship band: Lara Pinedjian and ACFOC Band

Medical Staff: Jennifer Minassian

Thank you also to our talented Catering Manager Marina Keshishian from Armenian Christian Outreach of Pasadena Church of the Nazarene; on-site Facility Manager Jack Angel and Hospitality Manager Cristina Roque; and our much-needed and appreciated helpers and volunteers. Altogether we hosted 316 campers!

As summer came to an end, camp staff and volunteers continued working to prepare for Camp AREV's historic event on August 27, 2022. The Ribbon Cutting dedication for the newly renovated and expanded Lodge brought more than 500 people from our Armenian Evangelical community throughout California and beyond for a day-long celebration. The fellowship and atmosphere was phenomenal and will be remembered for a long time.

This event was a testament of God’s unending love and faithfulness and the dedication of our community! Photos and message from Rev. Hendrik Shanazarian here. Event photos on Facebook here, here, and here.

- Rev. Razmig Minassian

Executive Director, Camp AREV

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