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Camp Arevelk Celebrates 23rd Year of Camping Ministry

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

After two years of being away, Camp Arevelk was finally “home” at the Ararat Youth Center for its 23rd year of camping ministry.

Representing six of our East Coast churches, 55 campers attended a full week of games, Bible study, worship, crafts, a talent show and our beloved campfire. The main message was brought by Pastor Janely Pierre from the Ararat Armenian Congregational Church in Salem, NH. As we studied the Beatitudes, we discovered the different character qualities we are to possess as followers of Christ and members of the Kingdom of God.

We were also blessed to have special visitors during the week. Ms. Christine Kutlu from the AMAA gave a wonderful presentation on all the inspiring ministries that the AMAA has been supporting. Minister to the Union Rev. Hendrik Shanazarian and Executive Committee member Jennifer Telfeyan-Laroe from the AEUNA blended right in and spent some time getting to know the staff and campers.

The week ended with our traditional family cookout. Campers were joined by 100+ family members and friends and enjoyed a kebab dinner together. It was such a joy to celebrate years of Camp Arevelk ministry together.

We are so grateful for our committee members and all our staff and volunteers who planned and prayed for months leading up to this very special week in the mountains. It is truly a gift to be a part of such a unique ministry.

- Sylvia Jizmejian

AEUNA Eastern Region Minister to Youth

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