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Haigazian University Baccalaureate, a May 2019 Mission Trip Highlight

Haigazian University, founded and sustained by Armenian Evangelicals, provides high-quality education for a diverse student body throughout Lebanon and the Near East who are future community leaders. Its motto is "Truth, Freedom, Service".

We were privileged to be guests at its May 19, 2019 Baccalaureate. This worship service celebrating the accomplishments of graduating students, who themselves organized and participated in the event, was a highlight of our May mission trip to Beirut and Athens. It was a packed, joyful gathering of the 135 graduating students, their families and friends, invited dignitaries, ecumenical church representatives, and representatives of other faiths as well.

Speaker Dr. John Holdsworth's address titled "Fitness for Life" aligned with the goals and vision of the university which promote respect for the individual, value cultural and religious diversity, and emphasize integrity and ethical conduct in all domains. Holdsworth focused on the notions of self-awareness, self-criticism, the ability to listen, observe, reflect, empathize, respond appropriately to others, and to be able to read situations and people.

Haigazian University President Rev. Dr. Paul Haidostian's heartfelt words touched hundreds of people. His message, conveying the love of Jesus Christ and the vision of the university, was directed with wisdom to the souls of all the attendees.

The presence of the Lord filled the sanctuary, the message had a distinct Armenian Evangelical tone, and the spirit with which the entire body sang was uplifting. Union of the Armenian Evangelical Churches of the Near East President Rev. Mgrdich Karagoezian concluded the service with a benediction.

Afterwards, the fellowship shared with students, professors, and all attendees truly impressed us. The dignitaries were also obviously moved by the testimony of Haigazian University. Photo gallery here.

I praise God for the great witness of this institution which I observed first hand. Haigazian University truly is our Armenian Evangelical Church's outreached hand and help to aspiring students and future leaders of all backgrounds in the Near East. I praise God for the class of 2019.

Let us as the AEUNA pray for and support the tremendous witness of Haigazian University, which continues to pursue its vision and goals in wisdom for Armenian Evangelical students as well as students from culturally diverse backgrounds.

- Rev. Berdj Djambazian

Minister to the Union

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