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Armenian Church of the Martyrs Fall Activities

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

November has been an interesting month at the Armenian Church of the Martyrs: one of extra meetings, of having one-on-one home communion, and literally a one man - or in our case a one woman - band.

Special Meeting: We had the great honor to welcome Harout Nercessian from the Armenian Missionary Association of America. He came to visit our church building and met with Rev. Carlyle and our Moderator Stephen Papazian to review some of the archival materials. Harout shared many projects and events happening with the Armenian Missionary Association of America. He also carefully listened to what our people had to say. People shared some of their concerns, hopes, dreams and some of the long amazing history of service to this church and the Armenian community. He was excited about some original historical books in the church's archives and looks forward to having them translated. Truly, all the things we write for and about the Kingdom of God, His faithful people and the church, are treasures. Hard work is going toward documenting new events and preserving past ones. Treasures of faith and treasures of Armenian history are a gift to future generations. I encourage others to look at their own family pictures, journals, old newspaper articles and documents, to gather them to be preserved for future generations.

Those present included Rev. Stephen and Carol Carlyle, Board Member and Moderator Stephen Papazian, Board Member Crystal Avakian, Board Member Greg and Lisa Papazian, Board Member Mike Soojian and Sara, Vahe and Marie Apelian, Arpi Aprahamian, Marilyn Aprahamian, and AMAA Representative Harout Nercessarian.

Vahe and Marie Apelian hosted this gathering in their home on November 14, 2022 at 7:00 pm and served a delightful meal of light sandwiches and desserts.

Home Communion: One of my honors as pastor is going to visit the home of those who can no longer come to church. Such is the case of Greta Soojian. Her anticipation of knowing the pastor is coming to her home is evident. My wife Carol and I come, usually with flowers. We share the events and activities of the church including watching some of special music, which we often join in singing brings comfort to her heart. Listening and sharing her joys, concerns, and family stories bring sometimes laughter and sometimes tears, as she spoke of her late husband Krikor Soojian. The time of personal communion remains a treasured tradition in her heart. Lord, may we live so long and continue to give glory to God, as sweet Greta Soojian does.

A One-Woman Worship Team: One weekend, our Director of Music Greg Naeger was at Eastman School of Music in New York for a world premiere of his latest composition, which was performed by our former Music Director Matthew Naeger on brass. Lisa Papazian is a talented flute player on our worship team, who usually accompanies the rest of the team. She was the only worship team member who could come to church that Sunday. There was no organ, no cello, no other singers. Just Lisa, playing on her flute, not just for one song, but for all the worship songs, responses, offertory and even playing Ave Maria for the postlude. It was delightful. The heart of service, the gift of sharing her talents, the ability to say “Yes,” to serving God with her heart and gifts was amazing.

An Advent Christmas Concert will be held on Saturday November 26, 2022 at 7: 00 pm. Our worship team includes Lisa Papazian on flute and Jonathan Papazian on guitar, Rev. Stephen Carlyle, Matthew Naeger on brass, Michael Naeger and Elise Cole on cello, Diane Naeger as singer, and Director of Music G. Paul Naeger. It will be a fun night to remember. Light refreshment will be served afterwards. Here is the Advent Season schedule.

We are all thankful for the love of God, family and our nations, as we gather together and reach out to one another. Remember to be the church as you reach out and share God’s love with others.

- Rev. Stephen Carlyle

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