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Armenian Evangelical Church of Toronto Youth Summer Activities Report and Photo Gallery

The Armenian Evangelical Church of Toronto has an active and growing youth group. During the school year, youth group Bible Studies occur every Friday night. During the summer, we take a break but still get together and spend time with each other. The start of summer plans included the church’s Father’s Day picnic. Our youth group participated in the church’s Father’s Day picnic by planning and running games for the younger children to enjoy.

Our barbecue at Mihran and Vatrouhi Jizmejians’ home on July 30 was a wonderful time of fellowship. We played board games, talked, had a bonfire, made smores, and ate delicious food. We included the upcoming youth group members so they could meet and become connected to the group. We thank the Jizmejian family for their hospitality.

Many members of our youth group attended Camp Arevelk August 14-20. We had one staff member, seven counsellors, and thirteen campers attending this year. We had organized an information session to let people know about camp and why their children should attend. We are all so grateful that we were able to make it to camp this year after many years of restrictions. We were blessed that everybody had a great camp experience. As our summer comes to an end, our Youth Committee has begun planning for the upcoming school year and is excited for what is in store. Photo Gallery Here.

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