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First Armenian Church Honors 2019 Woman of the Year Hermine Getzoyan

Hermine Getzoyan (left) listens as Mary Demirjian relates the church's appreciation.

The First Armenian Church of Belmont, Massachusetts honored Hermine Getzoyan as Woman of the Year on May 12, 2019.  Hermine was genuinely surprised as the women's fellowship and the entire church membership chose her to be honored and called her to the pulpit to thank her and show their appreciation. There was a reception following the church service in her honor. 

Hermine has been a long time member of the church and has shown exceptional service and dedication to the Lord and to this church community.  She has joyfully volunteered and served in many different capacities over the past few decades at FAC. She has been chairman of the deacons, clerk of the council, a choir member, pulpit search committee member and head of the fellowship hour. She has led Bible and book studies at her home and been part of prayer groups. She has been an active and committed participant in the women's Bible studies. She has played an active role in bazaar planning and preparation, and she has also led and organized many lunches at the church.

Given FAC's current situation, Hermine has taken on the day-to-day duties of the church.  In the absence of a pastor and secretary, Hermine has been a friendly voice on the phone for those who call the office. She has been taking care of the weekly programs and also putting together the monthly newsletters and she has taken responsibility to keep the parsonage clean and welcoming to guests. Hermine has a dedicated group of people to work with at FAC who desire that FAC is thriving and continues to be a place where the good news of Jesus Christ is shared.

Outside of FAC, Hermine has also been a part of ministries in the Armenian Evangelical Union.  She has attended the AEUNA Biennial conferences as an FAC delegate. She has been the treasurer for the Armenian Evangelical Women's Fellowship of the East Coast and attended all conferences. She has attended Camp Arevelk  where she served as the Responder to Emergencies, and has also certified Camp Arevelk staff in Basic Life Support. She has gone on multiple missions trips to Armenia in recent years and has shared the gospel in different villages. She is returning to Armenia this June to serve as a nurse and be a part of the AMAA medical missions trip.

Women of First Armenian Church with honoree Hermine Getzoyan (center)

The First Armenian Church has been blessed to have Hermine as a member and for all that she has selflessly done and continues to do.  May the Lord continue to bless her in her service to the church and to Him.

Mary Demirjian and Christine Getzoyan

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