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January 6 Armenian Christmas Joint Worship Service for LA Area AEUNA Churches at UACC

On January 6, 2023, United Armenian Congregational Church (UACC) in Los Angeles was packed even before the service started at 7:30 PM. The organizing committee, consisting of pastors of Los Angeles area churches, prepared the program.

The theme of the day, “Your light has come,” was based on Isaiah 60:1. This was a worshipful service praising the Lord with new songs and well-known Christmas carols led by three bands and individuals from Christian Outreach for Armenians Church, UACC and St. Nareg Church, and the joint choirs of Holy Trinity Armenian Church and UACC. The program included recitation and prayers, and two sermons, one in Armenian and one in English. The presence of the Armenian Evangelical Merdinian School choir was another highlight of the night. The students sang with enthusiasm and recited Bible verses. After the service, those present enjoyed fellowship with each other at the receptions provided by the UACC church.

This was a joyous occasion that brought hundreds of worshippers together to glorify their Lord as they gathered to celebrate His coming and revelation.

Many thanks to Rev. Harut Khachatryan, senior pastor of the UACC, the church leadership and staff for their warm welcome and many thanks to all the groups and individuals who offered their God given gifts to serve Him and glorify His name. For the photos of the event (courtesy of Christopher Tashjian Photography) please click here, and for the video of the event please click here.

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